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 Why do some buyers prefer HOAs?

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Real Estate Practice

If you’re looking to invest in property or create a community development, you may consider a Homeowner’s Association. Commonly called an HOA, this is an organization that sets and enforces rules for the community that other homeowners would never have to follow. They also collect dues, so it costs more to live in an HOA. 

With more rules and more fees, there are plenty of potential homeowners who are not interested, but there are other groups of buyers who will only consider HOAs and similar developments. What is it that draws them to these types of living situations? 

Homeowners have fewer obligations

The HOA takes care of a lot of things, such as lawn care, trash removal or snow removal, so that homeowners don’t have to do so. People do have to pay dues to live there, but they know the money is going toward making life easier for them. 

There are community amenities

A lot of HOA developments also have community amenities like tennis courts or parks for small children. The money is used to maintain these areas, and all residents are allowed to use them. People know they’re buying access to these things, not just a home, so there’s an added benefit. 

The community has certain standards

Finally, those living in the HOA know that it will have standards for things like home maintenance, decorations, property conditions, and more. Essentially, they know that everyone who moves in has agreed to meet these standards, so it creates a very nice and welcoming neighborhood. 

These are just a few reasons people prefer HOAs, and it’s important for investors to consider them when deciding what type of property will bring the most return on their investments.