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Your Guide To Construction Law

Every construction project is unique, and each one should have a customized legal strategy. The right attorney will work with you to create that legal strategy at any and all phases of the construction process, and they will help you create a plan that protects your interests today as well as your future opportunities.

At Donish Law Offices, PC, our Wexford-based attorneys counsel contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and developers in compliance, contract development and more. Our focus on business and real estate law in Pennsylvania and our attorneys’ combined experience of over two centuries allow us to assist you with the transactions that you rely on daily, creating contracts and policies that prevent future concerns and facing challenges in or out of court.

Assisting You With Contracts, Compliance And More

Our attorneys draft and advise clients on the documents that ensure that their interests are protected and that they comply with all relevant laws. This construction practice includes:

  • Land development acquisitions and planning
  • Construction contracts
  • Subcontracts
  • Bonding
  • Construction joint ventures
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Public contracting
  • Prevailing wage matters
  • Environmental compliance
  • Zoning compliance
  • Minority and women’s business enterprises

Our transactional and civil litigation experience gives us the knowledge necessary to assist you with your legal needs at all steps of the construction process. We will work to ensure that your bottom line and your rights are protected while acquiring land, planning construction projects, developing contracts and other documentation, ensuring that the project is compliant with relevant laws and that your rights are defended in court if necessary. We will create legal solutions tailored to your needs and the particular needs of your project — contact us today to learn more.

Tell Us More About Your Unique Legal Needs

If you are looking for a law firm with the experience, skill and knowledge necessary to assist you in navigating construction law, call our firm at (412) 765-2726 or reach out to us online to arrange for an initial consultation.