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Building A Strong Legal Foundation For Your Real Estate Ventures

Property owners and investors need to stay informed of changes in the law to protect their investments. The ever-changing landscape means that you need an experienced legal team on your side to ensure that you are kept informed of anything that could potentially cause concern down the line.

At Donish Law Offices, PC, our attorneys offer you over 200 years of combined experience dealing with real estate matters throughout Pennsylvania. At any stage of your real estate venture, we can assist you and give you the legal foundation necessary to protect your interests and make that venture a success. We routinely represent real estate investors, property owners, residential and commercial landlords, as well as commercial tenants, in a host of different real estate matters, including litigation.

Assisting With A Range Of Real Estate Services

Our real estate transactional and civil litigation experience allows us to assist you with all phases of various legal transactions, including complex concerns like oil and gas development litigation. Our real estate law services include:

  • Agreements of sale
  • Actions for specific performance – leases
  • Mortgage loan documents
  • Commercial and residential sale and loan closings
  • Seller disclosure litigation
  • Partition actions
  • Buyer brokerage compliance
  • Installment land sales
  • Real estate ordinance litigation
  • Options
  • Zoning compliance
  • Enforcement of easements
  • Quiet title actions
  • Evictions
  • Ejectments
  • Foreclosures
  • Oil and gas leasing

We are also capable of assisting you with the ways that your real estate concerns may intersect with other legal concerns. With complementary practices in areas such as estate planning and business law, our attorneys can partner with you to create superior legal solutions that consider all potential complications that you may face.

Our attorneys have had a number of high-profile court cases in Pennsylvania where we obtained positive results for our clients concerning real estate law. We understand how important it is to be ready and prepared for trial from the very beginning, in order to best help you protect the value of your investment or properties. We are confident that we can offer you detailed guidance about the options available to you.

An Experienced Partner Ready To Help

We are a law firm that deals routinely with complex legal issues regarding real estate law. To work with one of our attorneys, call our firm at (412) 567-5957 or reach out to us online to arrange for a free initial consultation.