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National REIA Mid-Year Conference Brings Exciting News

by | Jan 2, 2015 | All, News, Real Estate Practice

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

ACRE is the Western PA chapter of National REIA, the National Real Estate Investors’ Association. The association has given us connections to and feedback on the quality of national speakers, and has kept us up to date on issues facing real estate investors all across the country.

For many years, the national depended on dues from member associations for its funding, limiting its ability to expand its functions.  Through the Chapter program, the strongest groups in each geographic area were asked to become chapters, and through the chapters, the Home Depot and Sherwin Williams affinity programs were rolled out. These programs bring significant benefits to real estate investors who are members of the chapters, and to NaREIA. The Home Depot program has saved me over $1,000.00 in the last year alone, and continues to benefit me with every purchase. The programs have also brought financial stability to NaREIA, and have allowed it to invest in new programs to benefit us as investors.

One of the exciting new programs being implemented is a robust, information filled update of National REIA University, online education for real estate investors. Check out the website in development right now at The Professional Housing Provider certification program is being expanded with National REIA University, and as a chapter, educational programs offered through national and local speakers at Acre will integrate seamlessly in the certification process.  The online programs will also allow us to offer higher level, in depth programs not supported by local demand alone, providing added benefit for experienced investors. We all have more to learn!

Another new program being offered through National REIA is insurance for your rental and rehab properties. Many of our current providers of insurance have no coverage for student housing, exclusions from coverage for tenants with certain breeds of dogs, and very burdensome applications and expensive and limited coverage for properties not currently occupied, and awaiting or in the process of rehab.

These issues are being addressed by National REIA, as it has become an insurance agency licensed or pending licensing in all 50 states. In partnership with an established Atlanta insurance brokerage, new programs being offered to National REIA members should be better and cheaper than currently available products, using our combined buying power and good loss histories to the benefit of investors. Look for the applications to be available soon.

Another benefit already online is a new tenant screening service through partnership between National REIA and Investigative Screening Consultants. For only $28.00, instant national criminal screening and more is available. I haven’t had a turnover since I returned from the convention last month, but I am going to compare ISC to my current credit reporting program on my next turnover. If it does half of what was presented to us, it will be a great alternative.

National REIA is also offering more support to chapters on event planning, newsletter and website support, and social media. There is now staff in house to help Acre and other chapters improve our service to you as members. Look for the result of these services in our websites, newsletters and events over the next year.

And don’t forget the National REIA Cruise for real estate investors coming February 14th to 21st, 2015 on Celebrity Cruise Lines Summit. There are five stops in seven days, and only one day at sea, based on feedback from prior cruises. The cruise departs from Puerto Rico and stops at St. Croix, St. Kitts, Grenada and St. Thomas before returning to Puerto Rico. Prices start at $999.00 per person, double occupancy.

Created July 2014