PROA Needs Your Help For its Legal Defense Fund to Fight for Real Estate Investors Statewide

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

Why does it matter to a landlord in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia what a small town council does in the middle of the state? Why should an investor in Erie worry about the result of a lawsuit in Common Pleas Court in Lackawanna County?

The answer to these questions is that every municipal ordinance affecting landlords or investors and every lawsuit involving real estate anywhere within Pennsylvania influences what happens in your municipality, and what happens in your county courts in several different ways. First of all, municipal leaders frequently meet regionally through their Councils of Government (COGs), and meet statewide several times a year at conferences to network. They discuss their common problems, like the lack of tax revenue to meet increasing costs of providing government services, and share the “new ideas” each municipality has implemented to address these concerns, such as landlord registration and inspection ordinances. From Berwick to Connellsville, West Chester to New Castle, we have seen ordinances based on the same original ordinance being handed from municipal leader to municipal leader and implemented with very little variation all over Pennsylvania. Click here to read more »

PROA Board Meeting June 2009

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

The Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Residential Owners’ Association held its quarterly meeting in Harrisburg on June 4th. I attended as ACRE’s representative, and met with other Directors representing over twenty different real estate investors’ associations from all over Pennsylvania. At the meeting, we reviewed issues including a lot of pending state legislation affecting real estate investors, the status of settled, pending and soon to be filed lawsuits, and an action plan to develop a statewide database of information on rental registration ordinances and their costs. The following is my report: Click here to read more »