Fall 2011 PROA Report

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

The quarterly PROA board meeting was held on the first Thursday of September. Our lobbyists from Pugliese Associates in Harrisburg reported on the status of almost a hundred different bills of interest to landlords and real estate investors which bills are working their way through House and senate committees. The subjects of these bills range from property assessments, to amending the Landlord Tenant Act, to amendments to the Construction Code Act. Click here to read more »

EPA Delays Enforcement of Certification for Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

If you have not yet taken the EPA approved RRP contractor certification class, and have work to do on your pre-1978 properties, you have a little breathing room. The EPA announced Friday, June 18th that it is postponing the enforcement Click here to read more »

Lead Certification Training for Landlords and Rehabbers

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

As I write this article, we are less than a week away from the imposition by the EPA of its new requirements to minimize lead exposure during remodeling and renovation of pre 1978 housing units. Since last month, I have attended along with over 20 other ACRE members and some of their contractors the first of a series of certification classes being offered, have passed my test, and am awaiting my official certification as a “Certified Renovator” in lead safe renovation practices under the EPA’s Renovation Repair and Painting Program. Click here to read more »

EPA Lead Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule Effective April 22, 2010

By Bradley S. Dornish

The EPA promulgated in June 2008 a new “Lead Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule” which affects renovation work done on rental housing units, child care facilities and schools (Covered Properties) built prior to 1978. We first reported on the rule shortly thereafter, since notice requirements to residents went into effect at that time. However, because contractors, including painters, plumbers, electricians and others doing covered renovation work were required by the Rule to receive special EPA approved training and certification to continue to do that work, the rest of the rule was delayed until April 22, 2010 to allow those contractors to obtain that certification without interrupting their businesses. Click here to read more »

First-time Homebuyer Credit Extended Through April 2010

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq. and Cody Roberts

Before we review the changes in the First-time Homebuyer Credit for 2010, we need to summarize the prior law. In August, we wrote an article explaining the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” which expanded the previously created first-time homebuyer credit to purchases made by November 30, 2009. For homes purchased in 2009, Congress allowed first-time homebuyers a credit of ten percent of the value of the property, up to $8000, which did not have to be paid back unless the home ceased to be the taxpayer’s main residence within a three-year period following the purchase. The credit for purchases in 2009 could be claimed on 2009 tax returns, filed this year, or by 2009 amendment of a 2008 return, which most recipients did to get their money faster, within about six weeks after closing. The credit could only be claimed after the closing date and required a signed HUD as proof of closing. Click here to read more »