The Fiscal Cliff, 2013 Taxes, and You

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esquire

Now that the election is over, and TV and radio are not filled with nonstop political ads, and the end of the year fiscal cliff draws near, how is the divided congress going to work with a second term president to reduce the deficit? How will their action or lack of action affect the tax bills of working Americans? Click here to read more »

Living Trusts: Truth and Fiction

By Charles C. Bell, Esquire and Bradley S. Dornish, Esquire

A number of individuals are considering the use of a Living Trust to “ensure privacy” of their affairs after death, and the belief that this effectuates a substantial savings in probate costs after death. Living Trusts are being publicly marketed as an estate planning tool that is a Will substitute. However, the advertised benefits of a Living Trust as a legal panacea for post-mortem estate privacy, and a major reduction in the cost of probate and fees for estate administration, are grossly exaggerated or non-existent. The purpose of this article is to explain the purpose of the Living Trust, examples of when the use of Living Trust as an estate planning device can be beneficial, but why this legal document does not accomplish the goals of privacy and significant estate administration cost reduction, and is not an effective Will substitute. Click here to read more »

Seven Rules on Screening, Hiring and Working With Lawyers

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

I am not only a real estate investor and lawyer marketing my law firm to others. I am also a consumer of legal services from other lawyers, and I help my clients to find lawyers in other states and other areas of practice, even in Pennsylvania, to help me to help them. From over 20 years of giving and getting legal advice, I have developed a perspective on how to screen, hire, and work with lawyers, and how not to do those things. These comments apply to hiring any lawyer, anywhere you need one, in the United States at least, and in any discipline of law. For that matter, some of the comments apply to hiring other professionals as well. Click here to read more »