Home Improvement Contractor Registration Act 132

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

Dramatic change has come to the home improvement contracting business in Pennsylvania, with the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, which has an effective date of July 1, 2009. The new law, also known as Act 132 of 2008, and found at 73 P.S. Section 517.1, requires home improvement contractors to register with the state by June 30 to be able to continue to do business on or after July 1. The Act requires contractors to carry liability insurance, links contracting businesses by ownership and management, requires certain terms in Home Improvement Contracts and prevents contractors from using other clauses in their contracts. The law also gives consumers an 800 number and internet access to certain registration information and other data the PA Attorney General’s Office, requires contractors to show their registration numbers in advertising, makes contracts which fail to follow its requirements unenforceable, and gives homeowners the right to void contracts if they contain any number of prohibited clauses. Click here to read more »

When Is A Contract Not A Contract

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

Sometimes, the cases I find myself going to court on deal with issues which would be of great interest to real estate investors. That is the situation with a case I argued before the Pennsylvania Superior Court on March 19, 2008. In my case, a bank was the seller of property, and my client, a real estate investor, made an offer on the property. The offer was fully executed, and was sent to the bank through the bank’s listing broker. Click here to read more »