Finding and Trusting Real Estate Mentors and Professionals

By Bradley S. Dornish

This week, two clients came in with problems which caused me to choose the topic for this article. The first was early in the week, when I had a consultation with a client who had loaned money to a Pittsburgh based wealth building coach. The client hadn’t gotten his money back, and the coach had filed for bankruptcy. Click here to read more »

Entities for Business and Real Estate Investing 2012

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

A new year is a time for resolutions to open new businesses or to change the structure of the business you have for asset protection, tax benefits, privacy, retirement and/or estate planning purposes.  But before you figure out the changes you want to make, you have to understand the basics about entities. First, what is an entity? It is a separate legal person designed to have an existence apart from you individually. An entity can enter into leases and other contracts, own real estate, sue and be sued in court, all without naming you individually. This is good for most businesses, but especially for real estate investing, where the public records like deeds and mortgages are abundant and easy to track. Click here to read more »

Entities for Business and Real Estate Investing 2011

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

Fall is the time to plan your entity structure for your business for the coming year. You want to have everything set up the way you want it, and enough time to make the transition on January 1st. Of course, you can start a new entity any time you need to, but changing your structure for the New Year works best for tax purposes. You finish the current year with your current structure, make the changes for January 1, and start the New Year with your new structure. Click here to read more »

Mortgage Fraud Task Force Hits Real Estate Investors Close to Home

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

Beaver Financial Services was for several years a vendor member of Acre of Pittsburgh, and several of its loan officers attended meetings each month, in their light blue shirts with beavers on them, offering to help investors obtain bank financing. The company never joined Acre of Beaver County, but helped several members there with financing as well.

Not long ago, these familiar faces disappeared from the Acre meetings. Recently, several  real estate investors who formerly did business with Beaver Financial as buyers and sellers of properties, an attorney as well as at least one Beaver Financial loan officer, have been in various stages of criminal prosecution Click here to read more »

A Little Fraud Goes a Long Way, But You Can Stop It

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esq.

In just over a month, I have seen three Pittsburgh Real Estate Lawyers lose their careers, reputations, huge sums of money, and soon, their freedom, over mortgage fraud.  I knew and dealt with each of them. They all had good educations, many years of experience, and handled a lot of closings for real estate investors. Click here to read more »