Is Pennsylvania Ready to End (Most) Property Tax for Funding Public Schools?

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esquire

At the September PROA Board meeting, the hot topic of conversation was House Bill 76, a bill sponsored by over 60 state representatives, which if it became law would replace the bulk of Pennsylvania property taxes for support of schools with sales and income tax increases on the state level. The law would also allow school districts to supplement their share of tax money from the state with earned income and net profits or personal income taxes on residents of their respective districts. Click here to read more »

Is Partner a Four Letter Word for Real Estate Investors?

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esquire

Just  this week, as I have many times before, I had an initial consultation with an experienced real estate investor who had found a partner to help him to expand his real estate investing business a year or two ago, and is now in a costly and time consuming dispute over separation of his and his partner’s interests. In my practice as a real estate lawyer working with investors, I have seen many partnerships last a long time and be mutually beneficial for the partners, and others come apart with explosive force leaving both financial and emotional damage. Click here to read more »

Recent Developments Regarding Allegheny County Property Tax Appeals

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esquire

By the time you are reading this, the new window for 2013 property tax appeals will have closed on April first. However, the resolution by Allegheny County Council opening 2013 appeals again in March was not the only significant development in the ongoing property tax saga. Click here to read more »

The Fiscal Cliff, 2013 Taxes, and You

By Bradley S. Dornish, Esquire

Now that the election is over, and TV and radio are not filled with nonstop political ads, and the end of the year fiscal cliff draws near, how is the divided congress going to work with a second term president to reduce the deficit? How will their action or lack of action affect the tax bills of working Americans? Click here to read more »

Finding and Trusting Real Estate Mentors and Professionals

By Bradley S. Dornish

This week, two clients came in with problems which caused me to choose the topic for this article. The first was early in the week, when I had a consultation with a client who had loaned money to a Pittsburgh based wealth building coach. The client hadn’t gotten his money back, and the coach had filed for bankruptcy. Click here to read more »